World’s Most Dangerous Prisoners


A man dubbed ‘Britain’s Most Wanted’, a female serial killer with an unquenchable thirst for killing and a prisoner who brutally murders another inmate with a sock. These are just a few cases to feature in a new ten-part series ‘World’s Most Dangerous Prisoners’.

In this chilling series we take a fresh, in depth look at these terrifying offenders whose atrocious crimes earned a whole-life sentence, but despite being securely locked behind bars these inmates go on to torture, kidnap and even kill.  No one is safe.  Each episode profiles one prisoner, as we unearth little known details of the prisoner and their crimes, in and out of prison.  Contributors include victims and their families, former cell mates, prison staff and journalists. Experts in the fields of forensic psychology and correctional facilities give their insight into why and how these prisoners are so dangerous. 


  1. Gary Vinter
  2. Joanna Dennehy
  3. James O’Rourke
  4. James Robertson
  5. Fotios ‘Freddy’ Geas
  6. Christa Pike
  7. Jaime Osuna
  8. Edward Johnson
  9. Tyler Bingham
  10.  Brian Nichols

Production Info

Duration: 10 x 1 hour

Year of Production: 2023

Broadcaster: Channel 5 UK, Filmrise US