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Catalogue Highlights

The Beverley Allitt Tapes


The arrest of a shy, unassuming 22-year old nurse for the murder of 4 young children shocked the nation and changed the perception of medical professionals in the UK forever. In May 1993, Beverley Allitt received 13 life sentences for the murder, attempted murder and grievous bodily harm of 13 children, she is without doubt, one of Britain’s most notorious female killers. 

Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen


Alfie Allen is football mad. He played at Arsenal’s Youth Camp, regularly turned out for celebrity charity football matches across the country (until he wrecked his knee) and even sang backing vocals on Vindaloo! But being a child of the Premier League era, Alfie wants to find out more about the history of the beautiful game.

The Ivy


THE IVY, a definitive documentary that takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s most eminent restaurants as it undergoes its first major renovation in 25 years.