Welcome to Woodcut International – the newly launched distribution division of Woodcut Media, a leading producer of factual programming for UK and international broadcasters.

New to Catalogue

Cut From a Different Cloth

This observational film provides a rare glimpse inside an enigmatic entrepreneur’s fashion empire and his bid for global domination, with a little help from award-winning A-list actor, Idris Elba. Julian Dunkerton founded Superdry with designer James Holder 13 years ago.

Surviving a Serial Killer

Few have survived a face-to-face meeting with a murderer and lived to tell the tale. In Surviving a Serial Killer we delve into the personal stories of the people who have done just that. Be they a survivor, a friend, a lover or a professional, these brave individuals have decided to speak out about their close encounter.

How I Caught The Killer

How I Caught the Killer is a ten-part true-crime series revealing what it’s like to be a police officer working on homicide cases with a desperate need to catch the killer before they strike again.