For immediate release: 

London/Hampshire, Wednesday 25th May 2022 – Distributor Woodcut International has inked sales in the US, SEA, UK Ireland and Australia for the factual doc special Fukushima: Nature in the Danger Zone.

Produced by Paul Wooding (Woodcut West), Fukushima: Nature in the Danger Zone (1 x 60’) was sold to Discovery US, Discovery SEA, TG4 (Ireland) UKTV and SBS.

On 11 March 2011, a 15-metre tsunami caused the second biggest nuclear accident to affect our planet.  All three cores of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors exploded.  Overnight, 460,000 people were displaced and unable to return, leaving their livelihoods and homes behind in deserted, frozen-in-time ghost towns.  Though they didn’t stay deserted for long.  In this one hour special a camera crew and team of world-renowned scientists return to the hazardous nuclear zone that Fukushima wildlife have reclaimed as their own and uncover the natural secrets of how certain animals don’t just survive but actually thrive against all the odds in such a toxic environment.

Koulla Anastasi, Commercial Director, Woodcut International said: “Our natural world always reminds us of its unpredictability and the devastating 2011 tsunami was no exception. But despite the horrific destruction that took place, mother nature and wildlife always seem to find an incredible way to fight back. We are so pleased these high-profile broadcasters have acquired this unique special and look forward to further announcements over the coming months.”

Paul Wooding, Producer and MD, Woodcut West said: “We were privileged to be allowed into the only place on earth we can study the effects of radiation on primates and it was remarkable to see how a whole new eco system had developed.  We witnessed some creatures having more damage from the radiation, whilst others were doing better than ever. Filming in the exclusion zone was an eerie experience and you constantly had to check your Geiger counter for radiation levels, but it was definitely worth it to capture some amazing footage.”


About Woodcut International:

Established in September 2020, UK based Woodcut International is the distribution division of Woodcut Media, a leading producer of a broad range of factual programming that includes true crime, specialist factual, premium factual and factual entertainment.  Woodcut International focuses on the global sales of a selection of Woodcut Media series and specials that include new productions and library titles.  The formation of this sales division comes off the back of an unprecedented increase in direct pre-sales and co-funding deals with leading broadcasters worldwide over the past couple of years.   


About Woodcut West: 

Based in Bristol, Woodcut West was established in 2020 following a merger between UK based Indie Woodcut Media and Spark TV founded by award-winning executive producer Paul Wooding.  

Paul, whose previous credits included T.Rex Autopsy, Blitz Street, Black Files Declassified and more, now spearheads Woodcut’s regional office as Managing Director.  Woodcut West is dedicated to the development and production of natural history and specialist factual programming for the UK and international market.