A Royal Guide To…


Inside 1000 years of British Royal tradition, from weddings and holidays to fashion  and feuds. This series reveals the rules and customs of Britain’s most famous family. 

No yoga pants, no cleavage – and tiaras cannot be worn before 6pm. Teacup handles must  be kept at 3 o’clock and royal women should adopt the ‘Duchess slant’ to prevent  embarrassment when sitting. Summers will be spent at Balmoral Castle, winters skiing in the  Swiss Alps. Wedding rings will made of Welsh gold and brides should wear their hair up.  Honeymoons can be taken on the royal yacht or just as popular, Scotland. 

These are just some of the British Royal Family’s many rules and traditions that form the  foundations of how to do absolutely everything as a royal. This new, endlessly watchable and  returnable series reveals exactly what makes the royals, so …well..royal. We explore exactly  what these royal customs are, why they exist and which century they might have come from. 

With exclusive access to Getty’s extensive royal archive, A Royal Guide To… uses stunning  archive and insider interviews to reveal an intimate portrayal of the inner workings of the  Royal Family. From holidays and heartbreak to schools and scandal, each episode  addresses a different topic to show exactly how the Royal Family, past and present,  deal with life and everything it throws at them in a thoroughly regal way.

Season 1: 

1. Celebrations 2. Weddings 3. Fashion 4. Travel 5. Properties 6. Hobbies

Season 2:

1. Christmas 2. Scotland 3. Wales 4. Funerals 5. Parks & Gardens 6. Parenting 7. Animals 8. The Armed Forces

Production Info

Duration: S1 – 6 x 1 hour, S2 – 8 x 1 hour 

Year of Production: 2022-3

Broadcaster: Channel 4