Titanic In Colour


In 1912 the Titanic was the most colourful and spectacular vessel afloat, but its story is often told in black and white. Now the ship is revealed in its true colours with photographs and film footage that have been specially colourised for this series, many for the very first time, bringing to life the people who built and sailed on the most famous ship of the twentieth century.  In the words of historian Guy Walters: ‘It makes you realise that these people didn’t exist in a black and white world. They existed in a world as colourful as ours.’  

When the Titanic sank on the 15th April 1912, the news shook the world. The word ‘Titanic’ instantly became synonymous with disaster, not glamour, and the liner remained forever stuck mid-Atlantic in the black and white world of 1912.  Yet the Titanic was a state-of-the-art technological marvel and its world full of colour and innovation.  

The series uncovers the real ship in its true colours – taking contemporary film footage and stills and colourising them for the first time. Painstaking research brings the Titanic’s lavish interiors to life.  Artefacts and clothing from the passengers give insights into their lives – meeting the faces behind the legend – the larger-than-life people who built, sailed on and survived the sinking. 

Production Info

Duration: 2 x 45

Year of Production: 2024

Broadcaster: Channel 4/SBS