The Richardsons by Fred Dinenage


Fred Dinenage, the Kray Twin’s official biographer, in an extraordinary twist, has been invited into the closed world of the Richardson Brothers. The brothers, also known as the ‘Torture Gang’, reined terror over London in the ‘60s alongside counterparts, Reg and Ronnie Kray.

Never before has someone from the outside got so close to the truth… and lived to tell the tale. For the first time on television Charlie Richardson and his associates tell Fred Dinenage the truth about the infamous ‘torture gang’ of the 60s… The Richardsons. Featured interviewees include Hollywood actor Stephen Berkoff, mafia associate Wilf Pine, the ‘devil’s advocate’ lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano and Kray firm member Chris Lambrianou.

Production Info

Duration: 1 x 60

Year of Production: 2013

Broadcaster: Crime + Investigation