The Krays by Fred Dinenage


Over the course of the documentary Fred tells the story of their lives… their childhood, heyday and demise… and about his own involvement with the infamous twins. We find out how the unusual pairing of the Fred Dinenage and the Krays came to be… and process of writing a book with the most famous prisoners in the UK. 

Before they died Ronnie and Reggie wanted to tell their story and publish an autobiography. They needed someone to write it… the man they chose to do this was at the time a top children’s TV presenter, news anchorman and generally thought of as one of the nicest men in the business… Fred Dinenage.

The documentary is a journey for Fred as he re-examines his time with the Twins. He meets key characters from their lives including ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser and the godfather of British crime Freddie Foreman. He puts their story into context giving vivid accounts of the time from the extreme poverty of the East End to the brutal conditions of Broadmoor. 

Through a series of in depth interviews Fred reveals the influence that the war torn East End upbringing had on the twins and their constant battle against authority, the desire for fame and the association with the famous in their heyday as well as their long lives in prison ruling like the gangland leaders they were. 

Production Info

Duration: 1 x 60

Year of Production: 2010

Broadcaster: Crime + Investigation