The Killer Within


Any murder sends shockwaves through a community, torments detectives and baffles forensic investigators until a perpetrator is brought to justice.  But the central question will always remain:  what makes a seemingly ordinary person take another person’s life?

In this gripping 10-part series, we explore the making of a killer and unearth what drives someone to commit the most heinous of crimes. Whether it was premeditated or spontaneous, a revenge plot or the killer simply snapped, we uncover the true story behind each killer from the very beginning.

The narrative is simple… we follow the timeline of the killer’s life from their upbringing to present day.  A voiceover drives the narrative both helping to build the story as well as pose the questions for the viewer. Leading experts delve into the psyche of the killer and uncover the motive behind each murder. We will hear from those who worked the case and those who knew the killer and family of the victims who reveal the nightmare of having a murderer in their midst. 

Each episode uses a mixture of archive to bring the story to life including audio/video tapes from the investigation to news footage from the time. Alongside this, stylised shots and images give subtle visual colour to the stories. 

For every true crime series, the viewer needs to know the WHO and the HOW of the murder…  

In THE KILLER WITHIN we tell just that but this time we ask and seek to answer the question WHY? What makes a murderer? 

Production Info

Duration: 10 x 60

Year of Production: 2021

Broadcaster: SKY Crime