The Beverley Allitt Tapes


The arrest of a shy, unassuming 22-year old nurse for the murder of 4 young children shocked the nation and changed the perception of medical professionals in the UK forever. In May 1993, Beverley Allitt received 13 life sentences for the murder, attempted murder and grievous bodily harm of 13 children, she is without doubt, one of Britain’s most notorious female killers. 

Featuring police interviews never-before-heard by the public, this 3-part series re-examines the story of Allitt, her crimes and the impact these devastating crimes had on those affected. Using the hours of police tapes at the heart of our story-telling, we analyse Allitt’s responses under the pressure of interrogation in an attempt to understand the psyche of this ruthless child killer, and what drove a young woman to poison the vulnerable youngsters in her care. 

Alongside forensic expert analysis, we speak to those who knew Allitt personally, and the investigators whose determined detective work ultimately brought her to justice. 

With the killing spree lasting just 59 days, there is no doubt that Allitt would have continued to claim many more young lives had she not been stopped. In sentencing, the judge told Allitt that she was a “serious danger” to others and unlikely to ever be considered safe enough for release. 

Witness and expert testimony recounts Allitt’s seemingly normal childhood, uncovering the warning signs: was she a victim herself or a monster destined for evil?  We break down the timeline of events over those 59 days, following the tragic series of events that allowed for a serial killer to operate in plain sight. We also look at the fallout from the case and the impact on the families of the victims, whose lives were forever changed by Allitt’s actions.

Production Info

Duration: 3 x 60

Year of Production: 2020

Broadcaster: SKY Crime