The Suitcase Murders

Overview The Suitcase Murders delves into the horrendous crimes of killers who have used luggage to dispose of their victims.  The series explores the victim’s story to reveal how and why the murder happened.  Criminal psychologists identify the personality traits and sociopathic motivations required to become a ‘Suitcase Murderer’, while forensic experts and detectives unravel […]

Titanic In Colour

In 1912 the Titanic was the most colourful and spectacular vessel afloat, but its story is often told in black and white. Now the ship is revealed in its true colours with photographs and film footage that have been specially colourised for this series, many for the very first time.

WW2: Women on the Frontline

Explores the daring and unknown histories of the remarkable female soldiers, pilots, and spies who fought, flew and died in the Second World War.

World’s Most Dangerous Prisoners

A man dubbed ‘Britain’s Most Wanted’, a female serial killer with an unquenchable thirst for killing and a prisoner who brutally murders another inmate with a sock. These are just a few cases to feature in a new ten-part series ‘World’s Most Evil Prisoners’.

James Bulger: The Trial

Overview The story of the 1993 murder trial of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the two ten-year-old killers of toddler, James Bulger – a trial that shook the world. Using transcripts from the trial, first-hand testimony of those who were in the court room, and reconstruction of key moments in court, this feature-length documentary reveals […]

The Underground Army

Overview Resistance movements during WWII played a crucial part in gathering intelligence about the Nazi occupation, sending coded messages to the Allies and disrupting the German war machine. But there is one Underground Army that is often overlooked – despite being the biggest and best-organised group of anti-Hitler guerrillas in occupied Europe. And it began […]

The Man Who Took Shannon Matthews

With exclusive access to family members, neighbours and professionals who knew Michael Donovan, and using drama reconstruction, this is the untold story of the man who abducted nine year old. Shannon Matthews in 2008 and kept her in his flat for 24 days before she was found in a dramatic rescue by the police.

A Royal Guide To…

Inside 1000 years of British Royal tradition, from weddings and holidays to fashion and feuds.

Forgotten War Stories

Explores the 20th century’s forgotten conflicts, from Bosnia to Korea and the first Gulf War.

(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story

A young actor is stabbed to death just days after filming his big break in the Harry Potter franchise.