Surviving a Serial Killer


Few have survived a face-to-face meeting with a murderer and lived to tell the tale. In Surviving a Serial Killer we delve into the personal stories of the people who have done just that. Be they a stranger, a friend, or a lover, these brave individuals have decided to speak out about their close encounter with evil. Primary source interviews, pertinent archive and atmospheric GVs bring their stories of near death, to life. We flip the traditional narrative of a crime documentary on its head – the focus is not on the perpetrator but instead on the people whose lives they so affected. Our indepth interviews give viewers a forensic insight into what it’s like to look into the eyes of a murderer, as the victims share their own nightmarish experience of Surviving a Serial Killer.

Season 1

1. Ted Bundy

2. Peter Sutcliffe

3. Bobby Joe Long

4. John Sweeney

5. John Wayne Gacy

6. Steve Wright

Season 2

1. Jeffrey Dahmer

2. Joseph James D’Angelo

3. Stephen Port

4. William Bonin

5. Jerome Brudos

6. Derrick Bird

7. Beverley Allitt

8. Rodney Alcala

Production Info

Duration: 6 x 60′, 8 x 60′

Year of Production: 2021/22

Broadcaster: More4