Paranormal Captured


In this series of PARANORMAL CAPTURED our crack team of investigators explore themes of supernatural activity from around the globe, tackling the subjects of Evil Inns, Witches, The Occult, Haunted Manor Houses, The Ghosts Of War and Tudor Terrors. 

In each episode our team of investigators, Danny Moss and MJ Dickson, tackle a part of the paranormal realm that has long fascinated them. They examine historical evidence captured in a renowned site and conduct their own investigation in a location that is reputed to be active. Their efforts come under the scrutiny of our panel of experts, pulled from the worlds of both psychology and the paranormal. They also review compelling clips captured from all around the globe that claim to show proof of the paranormal, from UFOs to creepy cryptids. 

Episode 1 Evil Inns: Danny Moss investigates the paranormal phenomenon of haunted pubs and high spirits. He has a dramatic and disturbing confrontation with what he believes may be the ghost of a lady of the night in an infamous inn. 

Episode 2 The Occult: Paranormal Investigator MJ Dickson explores that terrifying world, undergoing a lone vigil deep underground at the notorious Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe. She also looks into the history of the infamous Occultist, Aleister Crowley and his association with Warwick Castle. 

Episode 3 Witches: Danny Moss travels to the famed Pendle Hills, the site of 16th century witch trials, which still trades on its Wiccan reputation today. This large stretch of Derbyshire wilderness has a terrifying reputation, as Danny discovers when he spends the evening exploring a pan old hall associated with the long past witch trials. 

Episode 4: Manor House Of Horrors, MJ Dickson travels to Portsmouth to investigate a historic house that has garnered a ghostly reputation. It is believed that the spirit of a serial killer may be stalking the basement corridor or this terrifying building. 

Episode 5: Ghosts Of War, MJ Dickson explores an historic fort where the whistling spirit of a long dead sailor is reputed to walk the corridors to this very day. Britain’s southern coast has been its last line of defence for centuries, so little wonder that numerous fortified buildings, tunnels and historic ships have all been prime sites for paranormal activity. 

Episode 6: Tudor Terrors: Danny Moss explores this turbulent era, the time of Shakespeare, the Plague and Henry VIII’s barbaric reign. Buildings from this time seem to be especially active and Danny finds himself overcome in a Tudor building with a chilling reputation. Meanwhile, a Tudor museum in historic Stratford Upon Avon lays claim to associations with Shakespeare and a terrifying killer who stalks its rooms to this day. 

Production Info

Duration: 6×60, 1×90 Special

Year of Production: 2021

Broadcaster: Sky Pick