Paranormal Captured : The Dead of Winter


This special edition of Paranormal Captured follows our crack squad of paranormal investigators as they travel to Cornwall’s mythic Bodmin Moor. The team experience a stay at the legendary ‘Jamaica Inn’, an 18th century haunt for smugglers with a mysterious history and they explore inside the desolate walls of Bodmin Jail, where dozens were sent to their deaths by hanging. Both locations are famed for their bloody histories and renowned as paranormal hotspots.

The special also features an array of paranormal activity captured in the depths of winter, from shadowy forms caught on Christmas Day CCTV to unexplained light phenomena hovering over Jerusalem. It also includes a recent case of Cryptozoology captured on film, bringing to light new evidence of Sasqatch. Footage of the so-called Ohio Grassman was caught in the early months of 2020, raising the question; could this be the first sighting of a baby Bigfoot?

Production Info

Duration: 1 x 90

Year of Production: 2020

Broadcaster: Sky Pick