Murder Casebook Series 1-3


Renowned journalist and presenter, Fred Dinenage takes a fresh new look at the murders that shocked the UK in the 20th century and the killers who committed them.  In “Murder Casebook,” Dinenage guides the viewer step by step through the real stories. From the story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in the UK to the mystery disappearance of Lord Lucan, Dinenage meets with the people whose lives were affected by these crimes, experts who were involved in the investigations and journalists from the time. Leading criminologist Professor David Wilson also gives valuable and fascinating insights into each killer, ranging from “Black Panther” Donald Neilson to the “Brides in the Bath” murderer George Joseph Smith. 

Production Info

Duration: 22 x 60

Year of Production: 2011-2013

Broadcaster: Crime + Investigation