Cut From a Different Cloth


This observational film provides a rare and entertaining glimpse inside a fashion empire’s bid for global domination with a little help from an award-winning A-list actor. 

It’s also the story of a company that breaks all the rules, confounds the critics and beats the competition in the process. 

Superdry is a great British business success story that most people think is a Japanese company. It looks vintage but the fabrics are state of the art. Although they mass-produce garments, they still painstakingly create individual signature labels. Despite the commitment to craft and design, they have very little traction within the fashion industry. 

But could that all be about to change? 

Superdry founders Julian Dunkerton and James Holder have decided to team up with Idris Elba who’s always dreamed of working in fashion. Together they’re aiming to defy the skeptics, by launching a high end men’s collection and in the process crack the American market. 

But there’s a lot at stake…

It’s the first time they’ve launched a line so quickly. 

It’s the first time they’ve tried to appeal to a completely different customer. 

It’s the first time Superdry has collaborated with anyone.

It’s the first time Idris Elba has done anything in the fashion industry. 

And it’s the first time Superdry has opened its doors to a camera crew, providing a fascinating glimpse into their business and the launch of a risky new venture. As Julian, James and Idris, three big personalities, attempt to merge their brands and converge their teams, how will they deal with the stresses and strains of launching Superdry’s biggest ever collection in the world’s biggest retail markets?

Production Info

Duration: 1 x 60

Year of Production: 

Broadcaster: Nextflix